Do you use coupon apps to save money while you shop?

If not, you could be missing out on some serious savings this Christmas. Gone are the days when you have to clip, organize and haul hundreds of coupons out the door with you. Now all you need is your trusty smartphone loaded up with the best coupon apps out there. Here are 5 of our favorite savings apps to get you started before you start tackling your Christmas list.

Wonder how Does Couponing Really Save You Money?

5 of Our Favorite Coupon Apps

1. Honey

Life’s about to get a whole lot sweeter! Allow us to introduce you to Honey. Install the app on your web browser, and Honey will search through the best coupons available for the website you’re shopping on. It’ll even apply it to your cart at checkout, with no hassle for you. Yeah, it’s basically like magic.

How many times have you had to google “coupon code” for the item you’re thinking about buying? Then, you have to sift through all the possible options and test code after code. Sometimes they work, but sometimes you strikeout. And at the end of it all, you’ve probably spent a good chunk of your valuable time searching the web to save a buck. Honey takes care of all that searching for you. Honey is one of the best coupon apps to save money.

  • Standout feature: When you’re shopping on Amazon, Honey will tell you if another seller offers the item at a cheaper price.
  • Best used for: Shopping online and comparing prices
  • Platforms: Desktop app

2. SnipSnap

Have you ever tried to carry around a stack of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons with you? It’s like lugging around a pile of oversized, cardboard playing cards. SnipSnap feels your pain, and that’s why they created their coupon app. Farewell forever, clunky coupon binder!

Also, when you’re out and about and find something you want to buy, take a picture of it with SnipSnap. The app will bring up a list of available coupons and sales for that specific item. SnipSnap will even let you know if it’s cheaper to buy it online or at another store. SnipSnap is also one of the best coupon apps to save money.

  • Standout feature: Easy cost comparison—just by snapping a photo!
  • Best used for: Shopping in-store and comparing prices
  • Platforms: Available on iOS and Android

3. Ibotta

With this discount app, just scan item barcodes to find out if any rebates are available. You don’t have to do anything at the register when you’re checking out! Instead, upload a picture of your receipt into the app, and Ibotta will give you cashback. Once your total adds up to $20, you can cash out and put that extra money toward your future grocery budget or a gift card.

With this app, you won’t see immediate savings at checkout like you would with a coupon. But you will get actual cash back in your pocket to use later on down the road—which we think is worth the wait. It is also one of the best coupon apps to save money.

  • Standout feature: Cashback that adds up over time
  • Best used for: Getting “paid” for items you’re already purchasing at the store
  • Platforms: Available on iOS and Android

4. Shopkick

This app is similar to other savings apps out there that use rebates, but instead of getting cash for your points, you can redeem them for gift cards. That’s pretty great—who doesn’t love a store gift card?

But here’s the best part: You can earn points (they call them “kicks”) just by walking into a store. And if you’re up for a little scavenger hunt, you can earn even more points for scanning products they list throughout the store. You don’t even have to spend money to earn a little kickback! (See what we did there?)

  • Standout feature: No need to make a purchase to rack up points
  • Best used for: Anytime you walk into a store
  • Platforms: Available on iOS and Android

5. Checkout 51

The nice thing about Checkout 51 is that it’s not as brand-specific as some of the others. For example, you’ll earn cashback for buying generic things like bananas, green onions and apples. In addition to that, you’ll get bonuses just for buying any item at select stores like Costco or Walmart.

  • Standout feature: Cashback for generic items
  • Best used for: Grocery stores or warehouse stores

Platforms: Available on iOS and Android